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13      The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

  Look around, looks are everywhere.

Each individual is unique, based on personality, brainpower and even look. Are you among a few percentage of our society that are unsatisfied with your look? Or have you ever wondered if things could be different, if only you were a little bit better looking?

One time, at work, we had a model-look-alike coworker. She was super stunning. The first time I saw her, I thought I was on a runway. Everyone who met her thought she was not belong to a work environment. She should have been staying at home, taking care of her beauty.

So, it was nothing new when we found out that most of our clients were amazed of her look. In other words, it was smooth-sailing for her as far as dealing with customers goes. But, among the female workforce, I doubted it. Once I tested it out on one of my coworkers, a female one, if she felt intimidated by our supermodel coworker. Boy, was she excited!
“What are you crazy? I have a great look myself! I have a body to die for! So, what if she is blonde and good looking?”

I could not help but giggle. Chill, baby, chill!

It is without a doubt that in our society, look does play a role. Depending on our professions, look can be one of the factors for promotion, success or even VIP passes to just about anywhere.

When somebody is blessed with a good look, more likely than not, s/he has a good life as well. A person with a pretty face is more appealing than an ugly one, we all know that. But, does it necessarily mean that if you are bad looking, you are cursed with bad life and career? After all, it is not up to us to decide on what kind of look we wish for.

It is true that we cannot control our looks. Some of us would rather be pretty than smart. It is also true that we do feel the pressure to reach the standard of looking good in public. So, do not ask me again why we have shows like The Swan, America’s Next Top Model or Extreme Makeover on TV.

Even last night, I could not help but think that it was Jasmine’s cute face that saved her to the next round of American Idol over La Toya’s great voice. I really could not help it.

But of course, it takes more than a good look to get you anywhere in the world. It takes brain, the right attitudes, great personalities and the good ole inner beauty to make it.

As for my supermodel coworker, she was let go because of her work ethic.

Again, looks alone do not guarantee the best spot in life. Although, plastic surgery might help.