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18      Single or Double

  Just like any game in life, there is single, there is double.

For all of us, it is inevitable to escape from either status — single or double (a.k.a. attached). Some of us might seem oblivious with the status situation, while others might sweat day and night, being concerned of their own.

It is only human to be attracted to someone, regardless of one’s sexual preference. Liking somebody and being with somebody is two totally different world. For some, being in a relationship does not bother them. As for some others, relationship is all that matters.

The society that we are living in, does push us to find a life-partner, in one way or another. Through the media, community, environment, to name a few. Not to mention, days like Valentine’s Day that specifically targets couples or New Year’s Eve that reminds us of a kissing partner at midnight.

Once a friend of mine expressed her frustration in finding love while we were passing through Hyde Park in Sydney. I asked her why? She said it was the whole environment of the city that brought out a desire for love.

I did not understand my friend’s hunger for love then. I had tons of friends to hang out with. There were a number of activities to do after school. I had to juggle between school and two part-time jobs. There was hardly any time left to sit down and ponder my love life. I was busy enough with friendships, let alone relationships.

Unless you have a list of activities and enjoy your singlehood, relationship can be an issue. It is normal to long for a partner in life. Everybody does need somebody.

Some people choose to stay single for good reasons. Starting from having the time to yourself, not having to put up with another person’s nonsense, being able to spend your hard-earned money on nobody else but yourself, not having to look good everytime you are out, to no toilet seat issue.

However, in reality, it can be tough for single people. After all, this world is not solely made up of singletons. We all have to live with others, couples for instance. Not everyone is as considerate as your folks. Some of us do not care whether you are single or not. While others seem to constantly remind us of the biological clock. Questions like “Are you dating anyone? When are you getting married?” might often thrown at you.

It is somehow harder for women to be single. When a man is single, the way we look at him is that he must be career-orientated, too busy to date anybody, selective. While if we meet a woman that is still single, even worse if she is above a specific range of age, we might look at her as someone who is unattractive, without any sex appeal. The truth is, it is an equal situation for men or women to be single or attached.

If by any circumstances we choose to be single, hey, it’s all good! Besides the good reasons mentioned above, think about it, singlehood gives you a chance to literally be a free agent (no string attached), open to love, independent. When you are not already taken, chances are, you are still in the hunt. The market of the bold and the beautiful crowd is wide open.

On the other hand, if we decide to be attached permanently to somebody, it’s great! You have found your soulmate, you don’t need to hear anymore reasons why.

Bottom line, being either single or taken is a win-win situation. Life is too short to be desperate for love, for partnership, for relationship, for anything — period.