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08      The Dating Game

  There is a card game. There is a name game. But nothing beats the dating game.

At some point in life, we all must have been on a date, at least once. It is only human to place an interest in someone. Everybody is aware of the dating game.

Dating game is not something you learn from school, nor from our parents. It is unexplainable, untheoretical. It often involves feelings. The success rate does not necessarily depends on one’s intelligence or educational degree. Although certain elements might help, such as good looks, hot bodies, or in some people’s cases, money in the bank(s).

When you meet someone you like, the basic thing to do is to ask the person out. Therefore the dating game comes around. If you do not ask, you will not get. You do not get, you do not proceed. Got the idea?

When two persons agree to meet up, let’s call it a date, popular places to go to are restaurant, movie or a park at night under the twinkle little stars. Disregard the last one.

Okay, so the two have decided to go to catch a movie, followed by dinner and who knows what leads on afterward. Before any date, a woman would try putting on the best dress, the best make-up, the best shoes, handbags, accessories and so on.

Meanwhile at another address, the guy would try, at least, finding a descent outfit to wear and not forget referring to his to-do list. From making sure he gets the movie tickets with the right time (you would be surprise), a reservation to a restaurant, to a cab or private car to pick up the lady. Not to forget, Visa® — Don’t leave home without it.

Believe you me, it is more complicated for women to prepare themselves for a date than men. But, it is more costly for men to be on a date. Although going Dutch is very common nowadays.

What goes on during a date? — a question you might ask if you were not from this planet. It goes from A to Z. Anything you can think of happens during a date. Except for the kinky part. Then again, I digressed.

A typical date would be knock on the door (or a bell ring), the man hands out a bouquet (or not), the woman gets surprised, the man compliments on her outfit, she feels special, the man opens the cab door for the woman. Off they go.

Everything might seem smooth-sailing during the first few hours. Little do we know that the most dramatic part of a date happens during get-to-know conversations over a meal (or dinner or lunch, whatever). Questions such as ‘Where are you from?’, ‘What do you do for a living?’, ‘How do you spend your weekends?’ or a quite impossible ‘What is your opinion on John Kerry’s political rally?’ one.

Imagine going through this, over and over and over again. The I-have-to-give-the-best-impression-on-the-first-date attitude because of some chap invented “First Impression Lasts” theory. It is all good if you nailed the date. Worst scenario, you two did not get along, hailed different cabs. She thought you were a loser, you thought she was a ho. Then, like mentioned before, you have to do the whole dating game from square one.

But wait a minute, a game should be fun. That’s right! Dating game is not exceptional. It is fun to find an attractive someone and ask for a number. It is fun to call up and arrange to meet up and not call it a date. It is fun to get to know a new person over a plate of Chicken Parmigiana. At least, I think it should be fun.

When the game is over, you have found someone, you will be glad that you have participated in the game. After all, the world is a stage for us to play a game or two.