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24      For Better, For Worse

  For richer, for poorer. Till death do us part.

When Summer time comes around, it does not just mean that it is time to go out and have a picnic. Summer means nice, hot weather. Summer means good food, great people. Summer means wedding season.

Of the three major celebrations of life — Birth, Marriage and Death — weddings tend to be the most exuberant and conventional. What better place to witness an interblend of cultures than at a wedding?

Whether as the hosts or the guests, we all have been in or to a wedding. Different country, different traditions.

My relative’s wedding reception in Indonesia accommodated hundreds if not thousands of guests and relatives. A friend’s wedding reception in Australia was a marriage of Japanese and Scottish cultures. My sister’s wedding reception in Singapore was culturally rich. A close friend’s recent wedding reception in the US was intimate.

At weddings, there are cases where neither the couple nor the guests know one another. There are also other cases where the parents are not familiar with the couple’s friends. But, that is the beauty of a wedding. You do not know what to expect, predict if it is going to be grand or small. You make new friends, get to know new people, nevertheless. Besides the good food, great music, nice atmosphere.

It does not matter if you are single and without anybody to go to a wedding, or if you are attached to somebody but wish to attend it with Jake Gyllenhaal — if you are a woman, of course, or bi, gay or whatnot. Wedding is a fun place to be. For us the women, we get to wear that nice beaded dress with the chandelier earrings. For them the guys, they get to wear the good ol’ Gucci signature. On top of that, you get to eat the cake.

“Two souls with but a single thought
Two hearts that beat as one”
—John Keats