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16      Sentencing Martha

  She was once known as the Domestic Diva, Homemakers’ Goddess, or simply, a self-made billionaire — her name is Martha Stewart.

Most of us in the United States are aware of the existence of Martha Stewart. Further, with her much publicized case. Backed up with a company (Living Omnimedia, Inc.), a publisher (MS Living, Weddings, Food and Kids — four different magazines), television shows, Martha has become such a domestic mogul that it is quite irresistible not to like her, at least her collection of récipes.

By all means, I am not a Martha fan. I do not even follow her lifelong domestic adventures, be them gardening nor homemaking. However, I do not loathe her or her talents. As a matter of fact, any individual who can come up with such a creative mind deserves a pat on the back.

For years, people (read: homemakers) enjoyed her creations and shows. She gave tons of ideas on interior design, décor, kitchen work, etcetra that it was hard not to recognize her. She looked and sounded just like any other homemakers’ dreams of becoming — talented and confident. She offered printed materials, in forms of magazines, for people to follow. She shared her creative ideas. She made the homemakers proud of their domestic capability, unashamed of staying at home.

So you can imagine how shocking the news of her stock manipulation must have been for the public. It became a bigger shock today when the Judge sentenced her to five months in prison.

I am not Martha Stewart, not even close. I have a récipe box but not a collection of récipes. I make the bed in the morning but I do not sew my own bed sheets. I cook but sometimes I do not follow the proper récipes. Heck, I do not even have a food processor. I paint paintings but I do not make custom frames for them. Once in a while I throw parties, but I never have Palm leaves on dinner plates for presentation, nor a three-tier Lemon Méringue cake to offer to my guests.

We all might not be her but we all know that it is not a good thing when you are charged for a crime. It is even worse when you are sentenced for a prison term. It is a shame for anyone involved. It is a shame for the fans, for the sake of women’s entities.

Regardless of the outcome — whether Martha is guilty or not of charge — bottom line, talents do not equal personalities. There is no reason to throw her récipes, brands, art and craft ideas out, just because of charges on her. When you decide to try that Lime-Cilantro Shrimp Skewers récipe for tonight’s dinner, it does not make you a Martha Stewart.