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23      Routine

  It is not a surprise that we all have routines, whatever they are, every single day.

Ever since we were born, routine has always been a part of our lives. When we were babies, being nursed was the routine. When we were in the second grade, waking up early to catch the school bus was the routine. When we were in college, going to classes was the routine. When we decided to live independently, cleaning up became a routine.

In other words, it is quite inevitable to run away from the word routine. Whatever our status is — be it single or attached; wherever we live; whatever we do for a living, there are steps in life that we take every single time, day after day.

Do you wake up in the morning at the same time on the same side of the bed? Are there times in the day when you always read the paper? Do you always have to have light-and-sweet coffee with your morning commute? Go to the same newsagent to grab the paper? Log onto the Internet? Check your emails every half-an-hour? Watch a favorite TV show?

Unconsciously, we all have our little routine every day. The question is not what kind of routine is ideal for us. It is about being creative with the routine itself. When you are sick and tired of your routine, it becomes your public enemy number one. It affects your quality of life. That is the reason why people take breaks from their routines. They can be vacation, a move to another state, or decision to have a new career.

Are you fatigued with your daily routine? Is there a way to break away from it? Does your routine wear you down? Are you ready to take a risk?

When you start asking yourself those questions, perhaps it is time for you to do something about it. Maybe you are tired of having coffee in the morning, why not try a cup of tea, instead? Maybe you are sick of taking the same route to work, why not take a different exit? Maybe you are bored with staying at home, why not get involved with a local community? You might meet new people who share the same feeling and work out the boredom together.

Routine, in whatever form, is not a bad thing. It keeps anyone alive. But when your routine hurts the quality of your life, it is not about staying put and mourning over it. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, time to make a change. Change is good, afterall.

“Daily routines are
the salt and flowers of life”

—Tom Wayman