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08      99 Problems

  Everybody is different or are we really?

As our age adds up, there are more and more people from many walks of lives that cross our paths. It does not matter whether they have special places in our hearts or not but you bet they are all different, in many ways.

When we were little, we had good friends, close friends and some best friends. We also had enemies, at the same time. But then, when we were little, everybody was the same, they were friends.

As we grow older, we get to know people. From school, work or even the shop across the street. Not only people that are friend-potential but also, strangers. Remember when you were little, your mom told you not to talk to strangers? For the same reason why the whole people relationship is somewhat complicated.

One time during college, I got close to this guy friend from the class next door. It was nothing special. It was like a hanging-out buddy kind of thing. As we all know that there is no such a thing as a guy and a girl be just friends, that was what two of particular classmates thought. Why were there only two of them? At first I could not figure it out myself, not until someone shared these words to me that “you cannot please everybody”.

And I brought those words with me. Even when a co-worker I thought was a friend, for some reason, always seemed to put me down. It just hit me when another co-worker told me that she was not happy for me for what was going on in my life. His exact word she was jealous. I never expected that reason, for any second. Maybe he was right, maybe not. But, I had my own problems to be thinking of that matter alone.

Sometimes you hear somebody says s/he is not a people person. I totally understand. It is hard to interact with people, in general. No matter how wealthy you are, how powerful you are, how high your status is, it is still the same situation everyday. Dealing with people can be tricky. For the same reason why some people decide to avoid human interaction, in other words, be anti-social. But then, it is not an answer. Because no matter what, we all need others. There is no way in the world anyone can live on their own. When you stain your white shirt, you go right away to the dry-cleaner. When you do not feel like cooking, you call up and order Chinese food. When you feel lonely, you call up the 1-900 number.

When it comes to dealing with people, there are always the bad, the good and the ugly. When you meet good people, God bless them. But, when you meet bad people or what we call, unpleasant people, it makes you realize how good a person you are. In a way, it is a good thing that bad people exist.

Believe you me, we all came to this world for one reason — to live life to the fullest. So if there is any bad seed out there, you can tell them “I have 99 problems but you ain’t one of ’em”.

“If you have a girl problem, I feel bad for you son
I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one”