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15      Good Times, Bad Times

  It is all relative, but it is about life and beyond.

You know how some people wish they were birds so they would be able to fly away from their problems. I do not blame them entirely but c’mon, being a bird? Are you not satisfied enough, just by being a human being?

Life is insanely wonderful. Okay, we all might have some kind of suicidal tendency when we were a lot younger but then, that is what most teenagers probably do. Sit around and mourn their unsatisfying lives. Parents do not understand. Boyfriend does not have enough time to be with you. Never have a good amount of cash to go out and splurge. Never have enough time to chill with friends because you are too occupied mowing the backyard (again). I can come up with a long list why these frustrations happen within teenagers’ lives but I will not. Because no matter how great their problems are, the older you grow, the greater problems you have.

I can understand why some adults cannot grow maturely. It is almost like saying they live in the same old world they lived in the past. That can be sad. But at the same time, you can blame them. Because it is such an understatement to say that everyone has the same problem. Perhaps if we are to classify them, basically there are your regular life problems such as financial problem, love problem, or family problem. But, nothing is ever the same for all of us.

Life is something that I treasure. I love living my life. I will not exchange that for anything, yep, especially becoming a bird. But, of course, life can be tough sometimes. Tell me something new. Most of the times, though, I believe we all tend to make lives seem harder than they really are. In a way that, the more complex a problem is, the more interesting your life becomes, which is not necessarily true but we get sucked into the same downward spiral.

It is to everyone’s knowledge that we all have strengths and weaknesses. The fact that you might think your problem is greater than mine, or your life is better than mine is out of question. Being a human being alone can give you a headache.

Back to reality, for some, life can be a bore. But it is up to you if you decide to change the quality of your life or just laze around and do nothing. Let us say we want to go out on a Saturday night like anyone else and have fun. But we do not know a lot of people, even worse, nobody. Well, you make an effort. You can try meeting new people at the gym, for instance. Or people meetings that can be found on websites like MeetUp. I, personally, have not tried that method but hey, it is an idea. Or, perhaps, you can stop analyzing the whole situation and just go, hit the bar or something. You will meet tons of of people. It is a big world out there.

That is certainly one issue. There are others which are not as simple as that but you get the idea. Bottom line, when it comes to having good times or bad times, it is your call. Choose wisely, because you are only twenty-five once.

“Good Times, Bad Times
Give Me Some of That”

—Edie Brickell