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11      A Penny For A Thought

  One day each year, it is a day that is meant for you.

Remember the first time? Was it even explicable?

It is funny how life can connect certain people’ paths of lives, subsconsciously. I mean, how many times you bump into someone you have not seen for years? How often does someone come up to you on a street in Manhattan and strike a casual conversation with you? We are talking about over ten millions of people living in this city alone.

A friend told me that she had had enough with the 9/11 discussion. She felt sick of people talking about it, articles after articles on it, news covering the occurrence. All of us, without avail, feel the aftermath significantly. Regardless of the fact we knew the victims or not, it is still devastating.

But, of course, this is not another rap of what happened in September 2001. It is about one thing or two of what you can read between the lines, when it comes to life.

Life can sometimes be hillarious. When you expect the least, everything happens right in front of you very eyes. It is not about living life to the fullest per se, we all know it takes more than a courage to live life. It is about having a ball of your lifetime.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, why we can never be satisfied. We might have all that we ever need — stunning look, money in the bank, magnificent appearance. Yet, we can never be fully content. Is there anything wrong?

When you are happy just by being on your own, that is the best feeling. I can guarantee you that. But, surely, there is a certain part of the feeling that misses out the need of others, or even someone else. Then again, it is inevitable to want to possess another person, based on feeling alone. Wait, are we saying that everyone needs someone else? Is there a way to live this life all by yourself?

I happen to know this eldery gentleman who regularly brings a stalk of Rose to one of my colleagues. Even though she is already married with kids. For what reason? Just because she is a Korean, he used to date a Korean. Do I pity him? Of course not. I sympathize him. From what my colleague told me, he had been living on his own, all by himself.

It is not too much to say that everyone wishes to have somebody to live with until death do them apart. It does not mean that solitary is an unsightly thing to face in life. Although it can be quite difficult to go through the loneliness.

That is probably the only thing that differentiates being alone and lonely. It would be nice if we all could live lives the way they should be. Without feeling lonesome tonight or tomorrow. Without a tinge of wishing for the impossibility. As ironic as it sounds, being in a city where everything changed right after what happened in September three years ago, believe you me, we all came to the senses that everything happened for a reason.

“If you have nothing nice to say,
Better not say anything at all”