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19      BNB 5803

  What if it was facing you — right in front of your very eyes?

It is still fresh in my mind what took place that morning. There were not a lot of people at the bus stop. It was not even 7AM. While taking my steps toward the stop, there it was — a grey sedan with bump in the left front corner — without any hesitation, speeding through the morning air. As if there had been an emergency.

By the time I took a couple steps away, there it was, a split second of life and death. It gave a kind of tingly feeling how if I could not have gotten away by an inch, it would have been different. Did the driver even think of the consequences of hit-and-run?

It did not end just like that. The next thing, I (and I am sure, everyone at the bus stop) witnessed the driver went through a traffic light after another, before making an illegal U-turn at a busy intersection. There it was, trying to go around, blocking a public bus. The whole situation became so overwhelming, it felt like watching Miami Vice.

Oh.. it was not over there. It got better. The driver went back to the parking lot where somebody almost became a victim. Apparently, he had a passenger to pick up. This time he stopped at the traffic light that he had blown the first time.

As I was getting onto the bus, I glanced through his face. Being a complete schmuck that he was, of course he had to give me and the rest of the people at the bus stop the middle finger. As if all the things that he had done was not terrible enough. As if he had to show the whole world what a fool he was. God knows how good I felt about myself just being me. Although it was unnecessary to witness all these just to realize how good a person one could be.

Justice may be blind but it can see in the dark. And, for all, I may be forgetful sometimes when it comes to returning library books or a Blockbuster movie. My photographic memory can never erase the plate number and, unfortunately, the face of an almost-mass-murderer. Behold and beware.