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17      Someone Like You

  There is someone, somewhere for you out there.

Anywhere we live, we always seem in search of the right person. Someone whom we can share the happiness and sorrow with. Someone whom we are able to go through ups and downs with. Someone who can understand and finish the sentence even before we finish ours. Someone like you.

But, the one-million-dollar question would always be — how can we be sure that someone is the one — the right one?. How do we know if we do not keep looking, perhaps we have chosen the wrong person? How can we convince ourselves this is it? How can we be certain that we have not made the wrong choice?

An old friend of mine once quoted his mother’s advice to him when he was growing up — “Collect, collect and select”. It might have sounded ridicilous at first, but come to think of it, it might have been the right thing to do.

It is inevitable for each one of us, to think that there is another person, a better person out there, regardless of the fact that we have met somebody. This is probably why my not-so-young-anymore acquaintance has been on an on-and-off relationship. I know he is a person with a big heart, nice personalities and not to mention, good looking. But, what the heck is wrong with him?

This of course applies to just about any singleton (not limited to couples as well) — who decides that singlehood is the way to go. May not necessarily be the right way but at least, unavoidable. Some of us might think that it is quite impossible to find the very right one, living in such a big city. With such a busy life, hectic work schedule, and no-time zone.

Eventually, there is always someone for everyone. That someone might not be so great. That someone might not be picture-perfect — who is perfect in this world anyway? That someone might not be all that.

But, someone like you, can only be the one for me.

“Someone like you makes it all worth while
Someone like you keeps me satisfied
Someone exactly like you.”

—Someone Like You - Van Morrison