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01      Happy New You

  It does not matter, whether it is the night before or the day after. New Year is all about the new you.

January First is always an exciting date, if not, challenging. Ranging from the night before — be it an evening of rubbing with celebrities at Crobar or standing for hours in cold at Times Square, to jotting down a compulsory new year’s resolutions (all over again).

A few things from the previous year that are worth to remember.
In January ’04, a landing of the rover “Spirit” on Mars was made.
In February ’04, a subway car was hit during the rush hour in Moscow.
In March ’04, there were a series of explosions in Madrid.
In April ’04, a testimony to the 9/11 commission was made.
In May ’04, US presidential campaign began.
In June ’04, former US president Ronald Reagan passed away.
In July ’04, former Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein appeared at court.
In August ’04, rallies in support of gay marriage in the US.
In September ’04, a school seizure in the southern Russian city of Beslan.
In October ’04, Tropical Storm Jeanne unleashed in Haiti.
In November ’04, US Presidential election.
In December ’04, Tidal Wave Tsunami hit South East Asia.

Although, lest not forget, locally speaking, things worth to jot down,
In January ’04, encountered a series of public obsceneties.
In February ’04, the finale of Sex and the City.
In March ’04, people were super-sizing
In April ’04, Friends were gone.
In May ’04, speed dating was invented in the City.
In June ’04, what a month of saying “I do”!
In July ’04, another great firework show.
In August ’04, a new friend in the making.
In September ’04, the new friend was born on the memorial day.
In October ’04, another birthday.
In November ’04, a month break from online writing.
In December ’04, all about work and holiday parties.

Not a bad year. Understood we all have a new year’s resolution or two everytime the year is about to come to the end. Whatever they are, however you accomplish them, it is all about the new you!

My deepest condolences to the countries hit by the Tsunami. Got a ?