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09      Indecent Proposal

  Somethings are not for sale. Such as? Well you can’t buy people.

It had been long known that the two of them worked long hours together. He, the supervisor. She, the employee. They worked together in harmony. For the outsiders, it looks like one happy family — or perhaps, an odd couple?

It all began when his beloved wife had to travel outside the country. Not for a vacation. Not for a visit. Not for a weekend. Not for a month. It was a family affair and for a good three months. Granted it was months long of freedom for him, there was always a man’s need or two.

Then one day, out of the blue, he noticed her as a young, fine lady who worked by himself all day, everyday. They were always side by side, literally. He started thinking and thinking. Having this thought, it had become a burden for him. He had to let it all out — at least, let her know.

Fortunately, it was not an issue for she was an open-minded gal. Although it had become quite vexatious. For he began feeling the ease around her and kept pursuing the big question to her everytime they spent the rest of the day together. Her trying to be diplomatic and all did not really help. Him building the feeling up did not improve the situation either. It was after all, an indecent proposal — with no cash involved.

As time passed by, he still reassured her that things would be just fine even when she decided to go for it. She still held onto her decision that nothing could come between pleasure and professionalism. There had always been a fine, thin line between the two. There would always be. However, when it came to feeling it, he became more and more intrigued. He wanted it. Badly.

Would it happen? Would they do it? The questions are in the air, still. Somewhere, somehow, such incident possibly occurs. Of course, it is uncompromisable. Sure, it is all about a game. But it all comes down to one thing in life. Indecency does not get anyone, anywhere in this world — for the moral issue is always in the way.

“If you ever want something badly, let it go.
If it comes back to you, then it’s yours forever.
If it doesn’t, then it was never yours to begin with.”

—Diana - Indecent Proposal