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15      A Button Touch Away

  To shop or not to shop is no longer the question, it is to click or not to click.

We all are aware of January as the time of the year when everything seems to be on sale. Be it instore or online. It is the time of the year for any die-hard shoppers to take their marks, get set and hit the stores. Again, not limited to the locations.

It does not work to try to reduce the debts of credit cards and other bills from last month’s mandatory Holiday shopping in the month of January. The fact is, January sale still comes its way — bigger and better each time. It does not help much with January weather, being freezing cold and going down to single-digit temperature. We cannot help but becoming dormant each time the frigid weather hits.

And, what do we do when it is cold outside? We stay indoor. We hibernate. We come home straight when it gets dark. Let me tell you, the sunlight goes out as early as five o’clock. Perhaps, if you are a hard-core active person, you will still be going out and all. But, fact is, most of us are just human beings who like to stay inside and lax. Living in such a modern lifestyle as we are now, we cannot help but making our way to virtual reality where shopping online seems easier than ever.

Regardless whether you have tried shopping online or not, it is to everyone’s consent that when it comes to online anything is as simple as a click of a button. Yes, it is the ‘I Agree’ button. Of course, not to forget the magic plastic don’t-leave-home-without-it card.

It is not an issue unless you are a shopping addict. It is bad enough if you are one of those people who tries reducing your shopping habit. The main concern with online shopping does not lie on the limited selection available online. It is the pullback. It is the temptation. Would you be able to hold back when it comes to clicking too many purchase buttons? Would you be able to come to your senses when the monthly bill statements become longer than the LIE? — no pun intended.

An early January discussion with someone recently occurred. With me, letting him know of my first online purchase for a Christmas gift. And him, acknowledging that he had never bought anything online. It was nothing new because before having taken the virtual plunge, I must have been more hesitant than he, when it came to online shopping. Even though the common knowledge has always been the women who are more receptive toward shopping — in any form.

Right after my first virtual attempt, I must say that it was virtually piece of cake to make an online purchase. After all, it is only a click of button. Would it help me get through this unpredictable January weather? You bet! Would it do any damage to my bank account? Most probably not. I am not a wholehearted shopper — let alone virtual shopper. Then again, I might have spoken too soon.