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15      Beginnings, Ends, Middles

  It asks questions like ‘how do we really remember things and how does life really look to us?’.

The intertwining story of two people, called a love story — of relationship between a man and a woman that evolves at certain time and place. A love story — that is about other things as well such as jealousy, intuitiveness, lies we tell ourselves and those we are most intimate with, the ways in which people find themselves through using others. As with most love stories, things go wrong...

A love story is amusing if not, incredibly romantic and somewhat dangerous. Love deals with issues, humor and its complexity. Granted the complexity of relationships in which the beginnings are so exciting that the process of falling in love can become addictive, if not contagious. Although there is always a possibility of those broken hearts.

When the two individuals met for the very first time, it was all picture perfect. It was all lovey-dovey. Nothing could faze either one. But wait. After the first few so-called Honeymoon Stage, which normally lasts for few months, reality kicks in. She starts despising his immaturity. He begins to notice her demanding antics. When there is a first love, there is always a first fight. Followed by the next ones and so on.

But when the two can go through the time together, day by day. The whole process can be enticing, if not exhilarating. It makes the two grow fonder. At the end, it is all good because it is all for a good cause — a happy end.

Questions such as whether it would be better not to experience such a process rather than being broken hearted might come up. There is a saying, it is to practice what you preach. We preach that if you do not experience things in life, you miss the beauty of life. The same goes to experiencing love itself.

Love is unindentified. It is undefined. Underline the word ‘fine’ and it will all be fine.

“In love, we remember beginnings and endings and tend to edit out the middles.”
—Mike Nichols - Closer