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19      Why Oh Why?

  Something happened some time in the past can be nothing but a regret.

It is only human to feel apologetic for having done something bad, said something wrong, been politically incorrect. There is no turning back. Regardless of what others say or do to enlighten the sorrow, it is quite hard not to think about it, if not to regret it.

Have you ever promised someone that you would have been there but you forgot and totally blew it? To make things worse, you did not even bother to make that phone call to clarify the so-called human error. No... you would rather stay away from the person. You would rather escape the responsibility being an adult and live regretfully for what you had done.

Now, questions such as whether it is inevitable to experience those regretful moments or live life the way it should be, might come to the surface. Is it even that bad to experience them? Convincingly enough, it is part of life — whether we like it or not. It is to everyone’s knowledge that life is full of ups and downs.

One of the beauties in life is making mistakes. The connotation of mistake normally goes toward negativity. Of course there is always such a thing as good mistake. If not, there would not be a saying “it is good to be bad” now, would it?

When we have done something wrong in the past, we tend to get irked just by thinking about it — or rather regretting it. But is it worth it to keep analyzing it? Is it even healthy to live in regrets? Of course not. Also, it is in our hands to establish a new connection with our innerselves. After all, to err is human.