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11      Single in the City

  Welcome to the City, where mating and dating are never off the scene.

Being single in a city like New York City seems like the right thing to do. The one thing that never goes passé. It gets even better when the weather starts hitting up within a high double-digit range. When everyone wants to be nowhere but outdoor. When we all want to go al fresco.

One recent Friday night we were hanging out at a Midtown English bar when I just realized how we all surrendered ourselves to be jammed into one place like Sardines without minding it. The one place where all of us stood side by side, walked and said “sorry” because we just kept on bumping into each other’s elbows and yet had the best time.

While keeping myself busy with a mug of Smith beer, a friend of mine was even busier with her eye activity. “Look at that guy in blue suit, isn’t he cute?”. A simple nod let myself back to my brew before she started going on how everyone looked potential. Right then, it hit me we were at a bar after all.

But, wait a minute – what is wrong with a view of a person sipping his beer minding his own business without checking other people out? The one thing with living in New York City is that everyone seems single and available. Everyone who is single and available is desirable. It seems again, here you are either desirable or attached. The second option is literally not an option. So it was somewhat ironic when someone struck out a conversation on our bar stools and claimed to still be available at his age – I will not reveal. There was nothing odd in the picture. Although I could not help but think this City provided such a convenience to the singletons.

When you are single in the City, you can go out just about every other night – make it every single night – without feeling guilty. You, after all, work hard for your money. When you are single in the City, you can hook up with anyone without any string attached and not feeling obligated to give the person a call the next day. When you are single in the City, you can be someone’s girlfriend and not have to carry the title everywhere. When you are single in the City, you can date just about anybody.

It makes you think whether there is a difference between men and women in terms of dating and mating. With women, their physical attributes and attitudes are needed in the mating scene. With men, what they do for a living, where they live, what they own, whom they know hold significant parts of their price tag.

There is something brutal and savage about mating and dating. Men seem to have the upperhand than women in the mating market – if you can call it. Their ultimate goal of the night out is somewhere getting lucky without having to concentrate on the feeling. On the other hand, emotional quality plays quite a role in women. Of course it is not always the case, it can be vice-versa – it is the year 2005 after all.

Then again, why would a friend make that infamous “I’m sick and tired of the whole dating scene!” statement on one fine day? Granted she lived on the Upper East Side and had all the right social amenities, it seemed almost impossible to find the one. Could it be due to the fact that everyone simply wants to be available at all times? Could it be because people have better luck being single in the City? For as long as we are here, we can come up with all the theories on being single. We can even stay this way for as long as we want to. One thing for sure though, we sure have super fun outings here in the City!