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17 Beautiful Someone

The city is full of beautiful people. What if you end up with one?

Throughout the entire time I cannot recall to have known someone as beautiful as he is. Gorgeous, to be more exact. Model lookalike. Everything you name it — tall, slim, brunette, gorgeous eyes, pretty face — he has it all. Sometimes you cannot help but think if he has ever felt insecure. If he has ever questioned why so many people want to be his ‘buddies’.

At first it felt great to be with someone as good looking as he. You could not stir away from feeling confident when you walked with someone like him. For wherever we went to, whenever we walked together, there would be stares after stares, simply admiring us. It was not as if he had looked better, but surely we both felt like superstars.

However, it is not quite an understatement to say that the Big Guy up there is so, so fair. He might have everything anyone could ever wish for, physicalwise. As far as personal traits go, there is no way in the world he can be as good as the guy next door.

He might have the magnetic charm for which everyone wants to be with him, but he does not care how delicate it can get when it comes to friendship, let alone relationship. He finds it the least important to keep someone’s feeling. He does not feel it is necessary to maintain the senses between two individuals.

Granted this is not what I am looking for, that he is not looking for. It does not mean that either one of us should keep on searching for that specific motive, we are so clueless. For how much longer I should keep on contemplating if it is okay to be in it. For it is only right to bid that last farewell to one another, stop wasting time. I am after all that beautiful someone.