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The Ex Factor

Breakups, breakdowns... now what?

You might have been jilted and hurt by your ex-somebody. No matter how positive one can be, it is hard to be approached by the ex-factor.

Regardless of how much time you two have spent on each other in the past, it is such a hardship to forget, let alone forgive. The time he decided to spend his Friday nights - the obligatory drinking nights - just to be with you. Or when you decided to spend the weekends at his place doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company. The time he planned major plans ahead with you. Or when you felt like you had met the one.

So when everything seemed to fall apart, either one or both parties decided to go apart. It became such a struggle to pass certain dates on the calendar on your own. Certain holidays - when you are expected to be with your special someone on days like New Year’s or Valentine’s Day. Certain places - which might remind you of the time the two of you going into that coffee shop to grab some lattés. Certain circle of friends - who happen to know your ex, or even worse, your ex’s close friend hence a possible news-in-the-making.

You bet it was hard to see the ex-factor again. When you thought ignorance had become quite a bliss, he decided to pop in to say hi. Of course, you thought it was a nonsensical hi. Why? Because you just could not comprehend it. Because for the rest of the day, even the week, you could not help but analyze it. Because you thought you were doing so well. Until the day he was there, standing right in front of you, again.

At times like this, life is not like a box of chocolate. It is more like a carton of Durians.
Will you not say?

“We were just wasting time. Let the hours roll by
Doing nothing for the fun. A little taste of the good life
Whether right or wrong.
Makes us want to stay, stay, stay for awhile.”

—Dave Matthews Band - Stay