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Bended Like Shakeem

Coming out of the closet is so 1990s.

Don’t quite understand what the big hoo-ha is with Lance Bass’ new orientation? Me too! Now seriously, was it even considered a news to begin with?

Days before the big revelation, my coworker and I were discussing on how she was never into going out, exploring the city. Her routine was basically home to work, work to home. Her cousins kept telling her to check out the surrounding and experience. Or else she would turn out to be like Shakeem. Now, who the heck is Shakeem? Well, Shakeem is apparently the other cousin with a unique orientation -- somewhat bended.

But of course, now that we’re living in the 20th century, we don’t quite make it such a big deal anymore about one’s orientation. It doesn’t make any difference now whether you are straight or not. As long as you are good at what you do, you feel comfortable with the way you are.

However, don’t quote me on that. Look at what happened in politics. From the abrupt resignation of New Jersey Governor Peter McGreevey due to extramarital affair—it was not just about any affair, it was with another man—to the revelation of Dick Chenney’s daugther being a lesbian.

So after all, it is quite a big deal to be unstraight. Are we simply a bunch of hypocrites that cannot accept the fact of some people’s preferences? Bottom line is that as long as we feel comfortable with one another regardless of our physical traits and sexual orientation, things will be dandy.