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An Inter-racial Affair

It has happened a number of times, here, there—everywhere.

At work, I have been handling this project of Asian Americans that made it big in the US of A. Great achievers like Bruce Lee, Margaret Cho and Vera Wang, to name a few. Totally reminds me of a colleague’s comment the other day “sometimes I’m jealous of Asian girls!” But, “why?,” I cried out loud. “Because you look SO unique, unlike the rest of us, the boring-looking white girls... more and more white guys are dating the Asians now because of that!” Whoah, Nelly! Slow down! This is true. Let me see... altogether I probably know of a good ten Asians who are dating Caucasians. Ten years ago, maybe people would keep looking at them but now, whew... I’d say, bring it on!

I remember vividly, back in the year 2001, I met my friend Ray for movie. Where we were sitting, there was a couple of an Asian guy and his white girlfriend. Of course, Ray being Ray had to let me know he was more proud of his fellow Asian guys that made it to go out with white girls. As opposed to the other way around. White guys with Asians are so 1990s!

What makes it so desirable for the Caucasians to date the Asians? To ask this question would be to ask why the blacks and whites? Why the latinos/latinas and blacks? And so on, so forth. It all comes down to an inter-racial attraction. Could it be because of some existing stereotypes? For instance, white girls are known to be high-maintenance. Black guys are stereotyped as lazy. The latinas are too agressive, while the Asians are too cheap. Oh dear...

Bottom line, we are of different traits—the good, bad and ugly. I mean, think about it, is it of anyone’s control whether you end up with someone of different background?