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19      A Week Wrap-up

It all started from Monday (10/13), Columbus Day. Time for a parade! When everyone seemed to have to go to work, there we were on Fifth Avenue, standing behind the fence, being part of the crowd, looking for the parade contingents.

Columbus Day Parade

It was a nice day out. The day before, there was a Hispanic Day parade on the same avenue. Too bad, they did not have as fabulous weather as we did on the next day.

Two things that were memorable from the parade are there seemed to be a lot of politicians on the streets this year. Like State Rep. Skip Saviano and Steve Rauschenberger, (R) U.S. Senate candidate. Another highlight was from the Italian crowds who kept shouting “Ciao, belle! Viva Italia!”. They definitely knew how to participate in a parade.

Then, the week continued with work and more work.

When the weekend was approaching, it became more like a relief because we planned to go to Long Island to see La familia. After a present unwrapping session, we headed to a Chinese restaurant for a buffet. I had not have Chinese food for weeks, maybe months, especially after my post on Chinese food. Let alone a buffet.

Chinese Buffet

It was Chinese food galore! There were shrimp, fish, crabsticks, sushi, soup, dim sum, rice, desserts, anything you name it. Except burgers, of course. While there, I tried a mushroom soup. Mushroom soup It was a disaster. Besides the mushroom, it was almost like having water and salt in a bowl. I knew that Chinese food was well-known as salty but I had not expected it to be that salty. What were they thinking?

The next day, Sunday, off we went to see “Kill Bill Vol.1”. The movie itself opened the week before and hit the box-office. Even before we saw it, there had been much hype for this movie. Was it that necessary to put ‘The fourth film by Quentin Tarantino’ as an opening line?

Kill Bill Vol.1This is definitely a movie with a very different approach of action. Very different techniques. Although I expected them out of any Quentin’s films. Remember the interview he had with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show? He was totally wasted. But then I digress.

Without a doubt, the upcoming Volume 2 would be something to look forward to. Don’t we all want to see the next fights between Black Mamba and the Death List Five? Whether The Bride would see her baby? Does the baby even exist? Whether Nikki would take a revenge against Black Mamba? “Kill Bill Vol.2” is set to be released on February 20, 2004.

Taken from Kill Bill Vol.1